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Complete recovery and creative solutions for a broad group of dental problems. Impeccable quality in root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and implant dentistry. Detailed planning and timely information about the treatment various stages. Express recovery with digital CEREC technology: solutions with veneers, crowns, porcelain and composite onlays and overlays in just one visit. Modern equipment and a sense of trust and comfort.

Experts with a common goal–a healthy and beautiful smile for their patients. In the green heart of Varna – Chayka Residential District, near the Seaside Garden with easy access and parking space.


Dr Rosen Venelinov

Dr Kostadin Gospodinov

Dr Nikolina Petkova

Natalia Vuchkova-Venelinova

Adelita Petrova

Adriana Altunyan

Ivanka Tsvyatkova

Stefka Blagoeva

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Porcelan veneers and lumineers - if the front teeth are stained, not suitable for bleaching, crooked or broken and rough


Also called direct building, art restoration or direct veneer, it allows direct recovery with photopolymer of broken, crooked or spaced out teeth and solve other aesthetic problems.

Root canal treatment

In cases of the tooth nerve inflammation (pulpitis), granuloma formation, pus bags (periodontitis) or cyst


CEREC - TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE CAD / CAM system for inlays, onlays, overlays, crowns, porcelain or composite veneers for express and final treatment in one visit.

Dental whitening

Dental whitening is a technique for accomplishing white teeth

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