Dental Studio Venelinov


Student meeting Autumn 2017

The forthcoming autumn meeting with Dr Venelinov and Dr Gospodinov with dental students is focused on the next level of high-grade treatment


Veneers. Indirect/ Direct composite veneers. Practical training (25.03.2017)

25.03.2017 – Practical training for specialists in cosmetic and general dental medicine. The training will discuss the topic of making our patients’ smiles beautiful with indirect composite veneers – when, why and how


Veneers in the Era of Digital Technologies (24.03.2017)

24.03.2017 – Practically-oriented theoretical lecture on porcelain and composite veneers. In this lecture, Dr Venelinov will review the entire clinical process of smile restoration with veneers.


Basis and principles of using rubber dam (24.03.2017)

Practical training by Dr Gospodinov and Dr Veneliniov on placement and use of rubber dam in dental practice